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  • 108 S. Minnesota Ave., Ste 102, St. Peter, MN 56082


St. Peter Counseling Center
108 South Minnesota Avenue, Suite 102
P.O Box 60
St. Peter, MN 56082
1 (507) 484-2400
Mon 9-7, Tue-Fri 9-5

The History of SPCC

How did we get our name?

Since 1990 St. Peter Counseling (SPCC) has been a key player in mental health services for the community of St. Peter in Nicollet County, Minnesota. Keeping true to the local population, the name of St. Peter Counseling Center was determined based on keeping the community aspect of mental health at the forefront of counseling, thus incorporating St. Peter into the name of our agency. In recognition of mental health having several layers that intersect, SPCC recognized four areas of focus when providing genuine mental health therapy: Our children, Our Families, Our Community, and Our mission.

What’s our history?

Like any agency that has provided services for nearly 30 years, St. Peter Counseling Center (SPCC) has a rich history that has shaped the delivery of our services today. In 1990, our parent agency, the Leo A. Hoffmann Center (LAHC) recognized there was a need to expand from focusing on residential treatment programming to providing services in the community in hopes of helping the children and families before they were at the point of needing residential services. SPCC has provided services in the community and in the homes of the people served. While our history has primarily focused on the treatment of children with acting out sexual behaviors we saw there were children and families in the community hurting in other ways and in need of care. We continue to provide sex-specific treatment services for children, adolescents, and adults, but we have services to address other areas of need including trauma and behavior disorders.

In late summer 2017 SPCC moved from its home on the LAHC residential campus to a separate location in the downtown heart of St. Peter. This move has helped this program expand and integrate new and innovative ways to help children and families in the community setting. SPCC maintains a relationship with other local mental health and human service providers to ensure collaboration in care for people we serve and to maintain a high standard in the care continuum. In 2015 SPCC set out to obtain national accreditation and was awarded national accreditation by the Council on Accreditation (COA) in early 2017. Programs that are accredited by COA are held to a higher standard of service delivery than the standards set by licensing and certifying agencies such as the Department of Human Services or Department of Corrections.

The St. Peter Counseling Center is an agency with a long history committed to improving the continuum of care in the St. Peter, Minnesota Area.